Do You Know God?

It takes an intimate knowledge of the Creator to understand why he gave the law as He did at Mt. Sinai. That law, includes the ten commandments and the law given to the Hebrews on how they would live as a nation.

Moses had an intimate relationship with God that none other since Adam and Eve had. Of all the prophets that carried the message to the Hebrews, whom God spoke to by representative or angel or a dream, God spoke to Moses directly. Moses saw God like no one else ever had. But because the people were so afraid when God spoke at the mountain, they asked not to be spoken to by God. It is for that reason that God gave them what they asked for. To be represented by prophets to the people instead of being spoken to by Him directly.

We now have an opportunity to know God intimately as Moses did. Through the saving work of Jesus Christ. To those who follow or obey God’s commands without this relationship with Him are doomed to feel the oppression that simply following laws brings. The purpose of the Law was and is to teach us that the only life we can live outside of it is disease, death, hatred, suffering and loneliness.

With the Holy Spirit living in us, we have an intimate knowledge of our Creator and his desires for us and the world. Jesus’ sacrifice was necessary for this: to sanctify us so that we could receive the Holy Spirit in us. When we choose to be baptized, we are choosing to be buried and resurrected again with Jesus, as a declaration that we will no longer live as we once did, which is in selfish pride and arrogance. Instead, we choose service to mankind, as Jesus showed us to live. Jesus once told the Pharisees that he desires mercy, not sacrifice.

We are daily implored to exercise forgiveness. 70 x 7 times. We are warned that those who do not forgive in this manner will not be forgiven their transgressions. This is the desire of our Creator. To forgive. To do so against our human instinct is to understand more about our Creator than ever.

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One Response to Do You Know God?

  1. Steve Mathews says:

    When God gave his people the ten commandments, He gave them to help us outgrow our selfish and self-destructive ways. His goal was not to dominate but to awaken us to a way of living that nurtures genuine well-being and happiness.

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