Isaiah 66

When I read this passage, I’m immediately confronted with my own pride. Have I set aside myself to the point that I no longer stand in the way of the “house” that God is building? Do I continually make “sacrifice” to God just so that I may continually live in the sin which He calls me out of? I have to honestly say that I may yet still be a selfish person. Who then can I look to in order to accomplish humility? Isaiah paints a bleak picture for those who boast in the Lord, yet do not revere Him. But God promises that He will not begin something that He will not finish.


9 “Shall I bring to the point of birth and not bring forth?” Says the LORD; “shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb?” Says your God.


We are then invited to be satisfied by this child, this nation which God brought out of the labor of Jerusalem. This One whom Isaiah points to is worthy to build a house for the LORD. I am so thankful that I have been blessed with the good news. That I have been given a choice to believe in the good news. So many still have not heard, and Isaiah warns that time is running out. We can look to God’s Son for the humility needed in order to continue this work. My prayer is that the pursuit of a dollar will give way to the willful pursuit of Jesus, and His humility, and that people like myself will someday realize that I can’t take that dollar with me into eternity, but the harvest brought about by the spreading of the gospel will be eternal.




God, I am so guilty of continuing to pursue my heart’s interests, rather than yours. Grant me the change of heart that no longer finds myself a roadblock in the way to the kingdom, but a brightly lit sign pointing to Jesus. I recognize that I am still clay in the Potter’s hands, and You may decide the project isn’t finished until my final breath. My soul cries out: “I submit to your hand, and ask that you shape me for your purpose until You decide it is finished”, but my actions may yet prove unrelenting. Thank you for your grace and loving kindness which gently leads me into a deeper relationship with you. A relationship that will make you known to me, and will burn away the selfish pride, and self interest that has yet to fall away. I ask that my talents would be used for Your purpose and not my own, that You would use them to expand Your kingdom and if I have to dig them up and relinquish them to You in order to be used by You, I pray I am willing. May my life and heart glorify You, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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