God Owns Everything

  • Psalm 24:1
    God Owns Everything
    This week’s passage is short and to the point. I think we forget that although God has given us things we can get our hands on, we only have what God has given us. Whether it is our food, our ability to grow it from the ground, to kill animals, our clothes, our stuff…I could go on. God has given us use of everything He owns! How generous is that? An interesting story that walks hand in hand with this is the one Jesus tells his disciples about the servant who was forgiven his debts, but when given the opportunity to forgive someone else, he was ruthless and unforgiving. The moral of that story (See Matthew 18) is, how can we be children of God if, when He is so generous to us, that we are not generous to others (one another)?
  • The same can be said with everything God has given us. Not just stuff, food, or forgiveness, but all of that and everything else. I get it, we have been taught that one ought to work for the things they have, and that dependence is a prison for humanity. But we are literally dependent upon God for our very existence, our sustenance, and our very breath! What prevents this from being a prison for us is that God does this out of love, He gives abundantly (meaning more than we need) and we are allowed our fill. He does not only give us what will keep us from starving or from suffering. It is, therefore, our responsibility AS His children to bring honor to His Name by being generous like that. By giving more than is needed, so this generosity brings about the freedom which is so antithetical to our perception of dutiful living, and instead swings open wide the prison doors.
  • When Jesus fed the multitudes, there was always so much left over. What a perfect example of what God has blessed us with! Are we giving all that we can? For love’s sake? To bring freedom, rather than prison? It is such a convicting notion that even when we think we’re being generous, we aren’t being Godly generous, and it isn’t because He hasn’t given us everything…
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